1.Work responsibility

1.Take responsibility for the installation and repair
2.Take responsibility for the date of the client
3.Take responsibility for the research of the clients satisfaction and the Brand
4.Take responsibility for the date of the after service report the reasonable advise immediately
5.Take responsibility for client complain and avise
6.Take responsibility for client advise . and call back . help the market department
7.Take responsibility for the work form the leader
2.labor principle
1.Try to be equity and fair. the install quantity of each worker will be close
2.The skillful worker take responsibility for VIP. Others will depend by the situation . it request , can be consider.

3.The address is far or near . the area big or small the installation easy or difficulty. Try to be balance.
4.After service .if the client cause to repair. It depend by the situation. If it cause by the installer. Must ask worker repair .if the installer can not be there. The master ask other installer to repair. And the master pay the bill.
3.Inspects the service
The QC check the installation, and collect the information and report back . and deal with the problem
1.Installer action
1)Clothing 2)Individual image 3)Service condition
2Installer work
1)Construction tool 2)Installs the craft 3)Service flow
3.Installation place
1) The job location is whether neat 2)The material code puts 3)Job location prompt
4.Talk with the client and make the research
4.Acceptance checkout procedure and standard
1Check and accept progress
(1).installer check(2).master check
(3).Client check
2.Charge stander
(1).Floor surface
No glue no rubbish high low within 0.15mm
Click distance within 0.1mmno color differen
Door and floor distance within 2-2.5mm
(2).Skirting check and accept
Within 45㡡within 1.5cm
High low within 0.5 mm
(3).Clip check and accept
The clip move is not allowedC clip which is near the furniture must be < 45
Clip which is near the door move is not allowed beat surface is not allowed.
Clip :pls use glue and nail to fit.
The rest floor left is not allowed Break the client things is not allowed
Make the client things dirty is not allowed
5.The post-sale service personnel service standard (consultation, pays a return visit)
Client s Satisfaction is depend by the service attitude
1.Professional quality request
(1).Take pains (2).Supply good service and take responsibility
(3).Stander pronunciation (4).Friendly
(5).Rich working experience
2.Behavior request
(1).Polite and easy-going(2).Helpful
(3).Honest faithful (4).Active attitude
(5).Soft pronunciation simpleness
(6).Solve the problem as soon as possible when received the complain
(7).Keep in touch with the client(8).Avoids sentence which uses stiffly, desolate, shifts responsibility onto others.
3.Post service content
(1).Make a note(2).Solve the problem form the client
(3).Call back(4).Take care of the equipment
(5).Stander service(6).Answers and records the consumer to come the electricity
a)Answering consultation telephone
i.Answers the consumer to come the electricity promptly ii.Tell the company name and which department
iii.Be patience
iv.Ask the detail infor of the client v.Make a note of the client advise
vi.Be polite vii.reply the client question
i.Use the stander words when received the complain.i.Make a clear and correct note
iii.Be patienceiv.pass the complain to the relate master to deal with
v.Call back to check the satisfaction after deal with the complain
c)Replied the consumer proposed question
i.Confirm the question with clientii.Make a clear note
iii.If can not make a agreement when calling . exchange the advise bad words is not allowed.
i.Call back within a week after install.
ii.Call back within one month check whether should be repair or not .
iii.Research for the advise form the client
iv.Teach how to keep floor by season
v.If can not get though .pls be polite
e)Pays a return visit non-periodically
i.Call back to check the complain ii.Thank you for the client who supply the advise
iii.Send the advise to the relative department
f)Check the equipment
i.Make the service line ready. Deal with the problem as once.
ii.Check the equipment by date.
6.The customer pays a return visit the method
Big Ou artist floor post-sale service department in line with sincerely for customer service objective, to realize the anxious customer to need, thought that the customer thought that after the installment completes will carry on to the customer pays a return visit many times. Split: After the installment, pays a return visit, half a month to pay a return visit, the season to pay a return visit, the year to pay a return visit and visits to pay a return visit.
1.Call back within two days after install. To check the quality and satisfaction
2.Call back within half month after install. To check the floor
3.Call back within three month after install. To check the floor
4.Call back on Dec each year. To check the floor ask the advise and thanks for client
5.Meet with the client. Ask the advise and check the floor and make the floor better .
For all the problem . if cause by company. The problem should be solve within two days
7.Stander for the after service ( complaint)
1.Complaint classify
(1).Installation quality problem(2).production quality problem
(3).Client cause the problem(4).worker attitude problem
(5).other to deal with complain
A.Prevention principle: Prevents accidents before they occur, is sues the management the most cardinal principle with the problem as soon as possible
i.Once presents the consumer to sue, can the shift responsibility, not give the reply slowly in no way. The processing suit should fast prompt, accurate, the responsibility clear is the basic principle, must achieve take serves wholeheartedly as the consumer for the processing suit central thought.
ii.If complain reply or deal with as soon as possible.
iii.If can not reply as soon as possible.
iv. The advise and result must be clear . and pass to the relate person
(2).Record rule
Contact name , the time of complain request progress result and reply . everything must be detail.
(3).The way of the solution
A.When get the complain for the first time. If can not solve the problem . must pay attention to it
B.If any disagreement happen. must explain. If can not make agreement with client . the manger must come to solve the problem
C.Make take a not for the time (by hour) make a detail for the complain
D.When get the complain for the first time .pass the complain to the relate manger and check within 2 working day
E.If can not solve the problem as soon as possible. Pass the after service department to deal with
F.The suit accepts the department after receiving the consumer sues, should immediately to the consumer give the explicit answer and the processing plan, after and is coordinated the supervision related link completes the corresponding work, will sue the factual record to set up a file.
G.If the complain can not be check in time. Must check with in 8 hours. And support the advise in 3 working day
H.If the complain can be solve within 72hours pass the leader or master
I.If sues promotes as the significant suit, the suit accepts the department to register immediately sets up a file, and reports the enterprise person in charge in the first time, with is related the person in charge to form the processing group immediately, the consultation measure, enables the suit to be solved. It is when necessary leaves the scene, should according to the agreement time to the scene processing.
J.The solution term must supply the advise within 8 hours
K.If can not make agreement ,complain to the (315 or floor group) the company must deal with in time
3.After service way
1. repair 2.change 3.reinstall
8.The floor installs the staff to serve the standard
The scene construction quality's quality and constructors' quality, is decided that the floor quality the key, the construction manager, the constructors, inspects the construction dispatch and so on, is affects the project construction quality the primary factor. Must therefore carry on the strict check to constructors' introduction, and carries on the professional knowledge and individual quality training frequently to it, all constructors should consider in line with all for the consumer, serves the principle for the consumer, completes the labor of duty.
1.Request for the installer
(1).Honesty responsibility (2).skillful .and rich experience
(3).Friendly and easy going (4).Bears hardships and stands hard work, likes the hillock being professional.
(2).Use the polity and stander words
(3).Uniform must clean. No smoking no spit no play
(4).Solve the problem for client and, supply good service
(5).Supply service within agreement time. If any special reason can not come .pls contract with client
(6).Understanding the client special request. No excuse
(7).The client money or gift is not allowed
(8).Affray is not allowed respect the client advise
(9).Must get the client agreement before Use the client s toilet take the toilet paper by self
(1).which no relation with installation is not allowed. (2)pls protect the client things. Use any equipment without agreement is not allowed
(3).Explain the question patiently(4).In the non-jurisdiction's question do not take responsibility arbitrarily
(5).Keep the place clean after installation
(6).Check the surface and water line , electrical wire and wall structure before installation
(7).Installation : install the laminate floor and accessories by the installation standard
(8).Take a note with client and check the every items after installation
9.Installation progress
1.Carries the goods
Install equipment: rulers hammer saw roll rulers hand towel glue
Documents: certificate order delivery order and quality certificate
2.Behavior standard
(1).Clean uniform
(2).Protect the client things
(3)Polity and no affray
3.Service progress
(1).Make a booking with client , enter without agreement is not allowed.
(2).Be polite and show the working license
(3).Check the surface is suit for installation check any broken and check the model number is same or no
(4).To the customer polite name teacher, cannot call boss;
(5).Communicate with client before installation
AInstall ways
B.Side and abnormity installation problem
C.Expense method of settling accounts
(6).After installation . clean the floor first , if found any problem ,solve it as soon as possible
(7).Ask the client check and accept and pay the bill
(8).Fill blank certificate of quality and tell the hot to maintain
(9).Take all the things say goodbye to clients
1.Before the installment, matters needing attention
(1).The relative humidity of Room MAX 80% . the floor can not be used in the kitchen and toilet.
(2).The ground must keep clean dryness and level off before installation. If the floor is not water-proof. Please lay Mylar( 10cm each side to keep together. And use the adhesive tape to make fasten)
(3).DAOO floor can install on the wood board, carpet, and soft PVC ,for suit the local weather. please keep the packing, before installation keep the packing in the install place for 24 hours
(4).DAOO floor use the xuanfu way to install. No glue nail or turnbuckle for fit. Pls use the waterproof in the click system.
(5).The floor will be change follow by the humidity and temperature . so keep 8-12mm from the wall stair pillar and pipeline when install
(6).If the length more than 8m and width more than 8mm.pls keep the 1:1 interstice .pls use the clip.
(7).For the better impression . keep the floor parallel as the sunshine. For the aisle and small room. Keep the floor parallel as the wall
(8).if use hand . pls heads. if use saw pls downwards
(9).Pls calculate the width of the room. And calculate how many pieces .and the last piece narrow 50mm.
(10).After the installation pls check the door can be open or not.
(11).When use the glue 1 bottle (0.5L) is enough for 15-20 m2 floor
(12).Daoo floor have been checked strictly however pls check when you install.
2The installation procedure and the request
(1)Install the floor is the last progress of the fitment do with other fitment at same time is not allowed.
(2).Pls check the ground before installation.(check the ground : pls use 2m ruler to check . request :3mm, dampness or not )
(3).When you clean the ground. Raised cement and calcareousness is not allowed. the installer calculate the how many m2 floor will be use include the waste. If need the supply the lack. the installer must inform the shipper. pls check the skirting model and quantity. And the buyer s special request. Make the agreement then start to instal
(4).Check the door can be open or not before installation. Ask the hose and check the anything broken or not . for example: door . light window. and glass. If happen. Pls inform the buyer .if its the decorate company order . pls inform the manager.
(5).Pls take care of the floor when install. Put the tools on the floor is not allowed( windowsill and cabinet) the installer will take any responsibility for that.
(6).Pls take care of the floor which have been installed the tools should be put into the box
(7).When install the skirting . pls take a note : must use the nail and each nail keep 40cm
(8).Clip must install perfect and move is not allowed
(9).After installation pls clean. And the installer must check first (quality and quantity) and the buyers sign make a false report is not allowed
(10).If the length and width over than 8m. must use the clip . if buyer refuse to use . must make a agreement .otherwise . the installer can refuse install.
(11).If there have some special model .( round and triangle) make a agreement with the buyers then install
(12).Before leave .must introduce the how to maintain and check the tools and floor waste must be take away
3The installation personnels to receive right of residence the installment system
(1).Before install pls check the tool , any damage which cause by the tool is not accept.
(2).the installer calculate the how many m2 floor will be use include the waste. If need the supply the lack. the installer must inform the shipper. Supply as soon as possible.
(3).pls check the skirting model and quantity. And the buyer s special request. Make the agreement then start to install..
(4).Take or eat form buyers is not allowed ask the buyers help is not allowed. jerry-build and make delay purposely is not allowed . pollute or break the buyers thing s is not allowed.
(5).After installation. Clean the glue and waste . the installer must introduce the how to maintain the floor
(6).check the tools and the rest must be take back
4.Floor maintenance and maintenance
(1).Advise to put carpet in front of the door.
(2).Move the things or furniture . youd better not push
(3).Use the warm water or cleanser to clean
(4).Pls clean the dirty as soon as possible. Use too much water is not allowed.
(5).If there is glue scrape gently
1.The rule must be obey if not the worker will be fire
2.Have not clean before installation or after . punishment : 50yuan /person
3.Take care for the Colors different or surface problem floor if install this kind floor. . the master take responsibility
4.The Skirting clip installation have not pass. 10yuan /place. If it move. Or not fit . repair.
5.Break the customer things should be pay
6.The expansion joint refuses to be lower than 8 millimeters and neat; If inspects looks up, each time on the spot draws up the traffic ticket 5 Yuan/times;
7.Join place on each line must be >25 cm
8.Colors different and high low floor is not allowed.
9.Smoking is not allowed . 50yuan by punishment
10.As soon as tumbles consumes the material to pass through the discovery, according to each time consumes the material amount 10 time of fines, is specifically as follows:
(1).Metal clip more than 80cm . punishment : 10 * 6yuan/m
(2).Skirting more than 50cm punishment: 10 * 4yuan/m
(3).Film more than 1m2 punishment: 10* 1yuan/m2
(4).The bottle of glue must be take back. If any one left punishment:10 * 15yuan/piece
(5).Check after the installation. The nail can be throw. If more than 5 pieces of nail left. Punishment 20yuan
(6).Metal clip Less than 80cm . Skirting less than 50cm half bottle of glue left. Punishment 20yuan
(7).Pay for any Shirting . clip or film broken
(8).Make the room clean after the install. If there is glue in the surface after clean .punishment 30 yuan If have not clean the glue . punishment 100yuan
(9).Receipt must be same as the area. More than area is not allowed . if happen. punished 10* area charge.
(10).Finished the order intraday. Delay is not allowed

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